Perfume 645

Perfume 645

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Keep things bright with this perfume 645 fragrance.

Free yourself from the constraints of reality and slip into a timeless world of luxury with Time 645, eau de parfum for women by Colasene. You will feel like crowned royalty as you spritz on this rich fragrance that’s bursting with elegant Patchouli, fresh Apple, citrusy Bergamot, vibrant Lemon, enticing Pink Pepper, and floral Violet top notes. Middle notes include a wonderful earthy Sandalwood, soft Rose, vanilla-esque Benzoin, and seductive Musk. Basic notes boast of tart Peach, woody Blackcurrant, gentle Lilac, tropical Ylang Ylang, and deep Amber.

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A perfume full of feelings and a daily enchantment. The intense notes of perfume 645 make you aware of your strengths and sensuality. Dresses in an amazing heart shaped glass flacon, you can hardly resist falling in love with it. Experience the scent of fresh flowers in every spray.

The most elegant and alluring fragrance to give you a sigh of relaxation. Here, a well-crafted portion of sensual Rose and Vanilla is tapered for a powerfully feminine feel. Match your fragrance to the way you feel with perfume 645.

Free from harmful sulfates, mineral oils, it’s best suited for all skin types and is perfect for everyday use. The fragrances are crafted to celebrate the individuality of today’s woman. Each fragrance is made of rich notes revealing a delicate experience with a perfect blend of strength and softness. Finest and authentic gently fragrance making you feel high.

This perfume evokes the ultimate power of feminity and sophistication while capturing the spirit of a woman who is beautiful from inside out.

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