Socks Varieties


  • Black 1 Vintage
  • Black 2 Vintage
  • Black Socks Bead
  • Black Stripe
  • Blue Diamond
  • Cheetah design
  • Cheetah Stripe Design
  • Green Diamonds
  • Green Socks Beads
  • Grey flower head
  • Grey Socks Bead
  • Red Diamonds
  • Vintage Design
  • One Size
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Black 1 Vintage, Black 2 Vintage, Black Diamond, Black Socks, Black Socks Bead, Black Stripe, Blue Diamond, Brown Check, Cheetah design, Cheetah Stripe Design, Green Check, Green Diamonds, Green Socks Beads, Grey flower head, Grey Socks, Grey Socks Bead, Red Diamonds, Vintage Design


One Size


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